KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children, Youth & Family Services Collaborative

Protocol Primer

Protocols for children and youth with disabilities and special needs


Welcome to the e-version of the Protocol Primer, developed in 2014 by the Disability Services Committee of the KFL&A Children and Youth Services Planning Committee.

Over the past several years, community partners and stakeholders in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington have undertaken the development of multiple protocols and service agreements designed to support effective collaboration and facilitate successful transitions for children and youth with disabilities, mental health issues, and special needs. In most instances, these protocols and agreements are designed to address the needs of children and youth with a particular disability, such as development disability, or support children and youth with complex and special needs through a specific period of transition, such as transition into the school system or transition from children’s to adult service systems.

This Protocol Primer serves as a general introduction to these transition protocols and service agreements.  Staff at signatory and stakeholder agencies are now able to access basic information about protocols relevant to their position at any time in this one location.

The Protocol Primer also includes links to several resources and tools designed to help parents and care givers navigate our complex service delivery systems.

The Primer will always be “work in progress”.  This initial version is accurate based on information provided by protocol signatories or lead agencies as of December 2014.  We will update the Protocol Primer on a regular basis and make any necessary corrections to contact information resulting from staff turn-over or internal agency changes.  If you’re aware of any updates or corrections needed, please forward information to our Planner, Judith Moses, at

New protocols may be added to the Primer from time to time; and outdated protocols will be removed when they are no longer used by signatories.  We anticipate the Primer will change significantly when the Special Needs Strategy (SNS) is fully implemented throughout KFL&A (2015-16 and beyond). Some of the protocols and agreements found in the Primer may become redundant or may require significant revision.

Feel free to send any comments, suggestions or updates to the CYSPC Planner at email address above.

Click here for Protocol Primer: Edition#1 – April2015 (PDF)
Format and content of PDF version of Protocol Primer varies somewhat from e-version.