KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children and Youth Services Planning Committee

Government Publications

Connected Communities – Healthier Together Chief medical Officer of Health Report 2017 (published March 2019)

Connected Communities – Healthier Together 2017


Gearing Up Middle Years

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The Ontario Government Middle Years Strategy 



Coordinated Service Planning Policy and Program Guidelines ENGLISH


MoMH-Report-EN-Digital           MoMH-Full-FR-Digital   Moving on Mental Health Provincial Priorities, 2017.


Building a Better Future Discussion Paper  A Ministry of Education Discussion Paper for transforming early years and child care in Ontario, 2016.


Basic Income Pilot Project Discussion Paper  A discussion paper written by Senator Hugh Segal for the Ontario Government, 2016.


Stepping Up:  A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth Succeed
Annual Report 2015
(Ministry of Community and Social Services, 2015)

Stepping Up is the Government of Ontario’s evidence-based strategic framework for improving youth outcomes. It is a guide for decision-making, program planning and partnerships so that everyone involved in supporting youth between 12 and 25, can work together through a common, shared approach.
Click here for detailed information about Stepping Up, including Annual Report 2015

Community Hubs in Ontario:  A Strategic Framework and Action Plan

(Government of Ontario, 2015)

Report prepared by Community Hub Framework Advisory Group at request of Premier Wynne.  Reflects Government’s support for integrated service delivery through community hubs; and outlines specific recommendations to facilitate review of provincial policies and adapt existing public properties to become community hubs.
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Community Hubs in Ontario: Strategic Framework & Action Plan (2015) – pdf

Realizing Our Potential Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy 2014-2019

(Government of Ontario, 2014)

Report provides an update on Ontario’s first poverty reduction strategy released in 2008 and highlights special emphasis on reducing poverty in lives of children and youth and ending homelessness in Ontario.
Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (2014)

How Does Learning Happen?  Ontario’s Pedagogy for Early Years

(Ministry of Education, 2014)

Professional learning resource developed to support Ontario’s renewed vision for early years, highlighting importance of strong leadership and collaborative practice.
How Does Learning Happen? (2014)

Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario

(Ministry of Education, 2014)

Report summarizing renewed vision for education in Ontario resulting from community consultations completed in Fall 2013.
Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario (2014)
RenewedVisionforEducationinOntarioReport (FRENCH) (2014)

Think, Feel, Act:  Lessons from Research about Young Children

(Ontario Public Services, 2015)

30+ short videos highlighting latest research in early childhood development, strategies to support leading practices, and pedagogical leadership available on Ontario Government’s YoutTube channel:

(Ontario Public Service, 2013)

Collection of “briefs” highlighting latest research in early childhood development, strategies to put key ideas into practice, and reflective questions for educators.

Visit site developed by the Ministry of Education for more information on research findings, webcasts and resources about early learning

Click here for complete list of Ministry of Education Early Learning Resources (2013-2014)

Defining Integration:  A Best Start Working Paper

(Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2011)

Presents continuum to help organizations and groups explore and identify different levels of awareness and integration within their service community.  Serves as an excellent reference for planning committees interested in monitoring their progress toward a seamless network of services for children, youth and their families.

Defining Integration (pdf)

Looking For Help?

211 connects people to the right information and services, strengthens Canada’s health and human services, and helps Canadians to become more engaged with their communities.


Indigenous Training Circle

This Guide was developed as a quick access resource for staff who have an interest in First Nation, Metis and Inuit history and/or are serving clients who identify with these cultures.


Aboriginal Resource Guide

Listings of Indigenous services, community-based groups and events.


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