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membership list 2022-23

Planning Table 2022-23 Schedule v4.0

CYSPC Who We Are & What We Do FINAL

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January 2023

Agenda Jan 2023

Jan 13nd Meeting Slide Deck[1196]

December 2022

AGENDA December 2022

Dec 2nd Meeting Slide Deck

Meeting minutes Dec 2022 approved

November 2022

AGENDA November 2022

Meeting minutes November 2022 Approved

Nov 4th Meeting Slide Deck

October 2022

AGENDA October 2022

Meeting minutes October 2022 approved

Oct 7th Meeting Slide Deck

Summary of EDII scan for CYFSC 2022-10-07

September 2022

AGENDA Sept 2022

Meeting minutes September 2022 approved

Sept 9th Meeting Slide Deck

2021-22 Meeting Materials

April 2022

AGENDA April 2022

April 1 Meeting Slide Deck

March 2022

AGENDA March 2022

Meeting minutes March 2002 approved

March 4 Meeting Slide Deck

KFLA Full 2021 Needs and Unmet Needs Tables FINAL

CYFSC child care agreement support letter final approved

February 2022

AGENDA Feb 2022

Meeting minutes Feb 42022 approved

February 4 Meeting Slide Deck

January 2022

AGENDA Jan 2022

Meeting minutes Jan 7 2022 approved

January 7th Meeting Slide Deck

Kingston ACEs Core Group – Strategic Plan (December 14 2021)

November 2021

AGENDA Nov 5, 2021

November 5th Meeting Slide Deck

Meeting minutes Nov 5 2021 approved

October 2021

AGENDA Oct 1, 2021

October 1st Meeting Slide Deck

Meeting minutes Oct 1 2021 approved

Ending Youth Homelessness_Sept. 2021

Social Services Recovery Task Force

Key messages_for agencies on pandemic recovery

September 2021

AGENDA Sept 17, 2021

Meeting minutes Sept 17 2021 approved

Sept 17th Meeting Slide Deck

2020-21 Meeting Materials

June 4th 2021

AGENDA June 4, 2021

Meeting minutes June 4 2021 Approved

June 4th Meeting Slide Deck

Word Cloud Farwell to Shawn

May 7th 2021

AGENDA May 7, 2021

Meeting minutes May 7 2021 approved

May 7th Meeting Slide Deck

March 26th 2021

AGENDA March 26, 2021

March 26th Meeting Slide Deck

March 5th 2021:

AGENDA March 5, 2021

Meeting minutes Mar 5 2021 approved

March 5th Meeting Slide Deck

ADM Sector Memo Auth Rec Burden Reduction Regs EN

ADM Sector Memo Auth Rec Burden Reduction Regs EN

MCCSS MOH ADMs Memo to Sectors re Complex Mental Health 10-16-2020 EN

BN New OAP update Feb 3 2021 (1)

February 2021:

AGENDA Feb 5, 2021 revised

Meeting minutes Feb 2021 approved

Feb 5th Meeting Slide Deck

January 2021:

AGENDA Jan 8, 2021

Meeting minutes Jan 2021 approved

Jan 8th Meeting Slide Deck

ACEs Related Training Opportunities

ACEs_Strategy_Nov_2020 draft for comment

Coordinating Cmt ToR approved Jan 2021

December 2020:

AGENDA Dec 4, 2020

Dec 4th Meeting Slide Deck

Meeting minutes Dec 2020 approved

KFLA Child Care and Early Years Updates – December 4 2020

CYMHP Letter to Community Physicians – November 2020

CCEYA response letter d2.0

November 2020: 

AGENDA Nov 6, 2020 ,

Nov 6th Meeting Slide Deck

Meeting minutes Nov 2020 approved

October 2020:

AGENDA October 2, 2020 ,

Oct 2nd Meeting Slide Deck,

Overview of Ontario’s plan to Redesign the Child Welfare System,

Revised.SSRT Update.October 2020,

October 2020 Meeting minutes approved

September 2020:

AGENDA Sept 11th , 

Meeting minutes Sept 2020 approved  ,

Sept 11th Meeting Slide Deck

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2016/2017 Meeting Archives


Policy & Management Resources

Contains policy templates and examples and management resources.


Inclusion & Diversity Resources

A list of tools and resources to promote inclusion and diversity


Indigenous Training Library

This Guide was developed as a quick access resource for staff who have an interest in First Nation, Metis and Inuit history and/or are serving clients who identify with these cultures.


Aboriginal Resource Guide

Listings of Indigenous services, community-based groups and events.


Community News & Events

Girls Inc. Summer Camp for Grades 1 to 3

Girls Inc. Summer Day Camp Registration Package that includes 15 camp spaces per week for girls+ in grades 1 to 3! 15 spaces in each camp week in KFL&A ...