KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children and Youth Services Planning Committee

Gathering Communities Making Connections A Guide for Indigenous Families and Children


What is the Purpose of this Guide?

This is a one-of-a-kind Guide to help you connect to Indigenous Communities in Kingston, Tyendinaga, Napanee & Deseronto, Sharbot Lake and Bancroft. The Guide includes listings of Indigenous services, community-based groups and events. We have included voluntary, community-based activities that are often the essence of Sharing and Caring Indigenous communities. In addition the Guide includes key General Services of interest to families and children. We hope you will find the guide useful whether you are seeking information for yourself, a friend or for a client.

Who is this Guide for?

This guide is for Indigenous people and families. The word “Indigenous” refers to people with Native Ancestry. If you have an auntie or uncle or grandparent, greatgrandparent or mother or father who identified as having Inuit, Métis, Indian or Native heritage, then you have Native Ancestry. You do not need a status card or membership card. Some of the services may be directed to a specific membership or to Status Indians, so we indicate if the service is restricted to Members, or serves only On-Reserve people.

What does the Feather and Shell symbolize?

We have used the symbols of a feather and shell to identify individuals or organizations that can help you connect to Elders, Community Knowledge Keepers, Teachers, Ceremonies, and Sacred Medicines. Think of the guide as a helper. Each community knows who their Elders and Knowledge Keepers are, and the way in which healing and helping will be most possible and supported. So it is important to reach out and talk with others in your community.


Kingston and Area

Cultural Gatherings

Moon Ceremony

Four Directions Student Centre,
146 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Aboriginal Advisor – 613-533-6970 –

Ceremony for women on monthly basis at the time of the full moon. Women and young women welcome. See website for details.

Water Ceremony

Laurel Claus Johnson –

All women welcome to gather in the Fall (November) and Spring (March or April) to carry out water ceremony. The site is usually on the lakefront, just west of Kingston General Hospital on King Street.

Early Learning, Language and Lifelong Learning

Aboriginal Teachers Education Program (ATEP)

Faculty of Education,
Room A244 Queens University, Kingston, ON K7M 5R7

Full-time campus-based program provides opportunity for teacher candidates to specialize in Aboriginal education. May be of particular interest to Aboriginal students, those with experience in Aboriginal education, and mature students. Includes courses with Aboriginal-specific content and practice teaching placements in First Nations or provincial schools. ATEP intake begins in May each year.

Eagle Learning Cafe

St. Lawrence College, 100 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston, ON K7L 5A6

Tri-campus Indigenous Coordinator

613-544-5400, ext. 1551

Support and assistance with application and transition processes, funding and bursary applications, referrals to College services, and links to community. Join us for social and cultural events, mentoring, and much more! Services are available to all students who self-identify as Indigenous. Watch the YOUTUBE video to learn more

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

146 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Aboriginal Advisor – 613-533-6970

Provides cultural, academic, socially based support for Indigenous students; some events open to community members. Contact for information about Moon and Water Ceremonies, and workshops.

Feather: Helping to access Community Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Ceremony, (eg. Sweatlodge, Moon Ceremony, Water Ceremony).

Shell: May be able to help get four sacred medicines (Sweetgrass, Cedar, Tobacco, Sage).

To find services in your area, click on a location in Table of Contents on the right side of any page.

Updating the Guide

This guide is a living document. Listings were suggested by community members and there was no selection or editorial committee. We have tried to ensure the guide is accurate and up-to-date. We do not endorse, promote or favor any particular organization person or event. We plan to update the guide every 6 months.

Please e-mail, call or text additions, corrections or deletions to Kate Brant 613 354-8937 (landline) or 613 391-7130 (cell) or Once the Guide is updated we will disseminate by way of the internet, websites, email lists.