KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children and Youth Services Planning Committee


Respectful Approaches to Community Engagement

Wise Practices for Engagement

A Facilitator’s GuidePlanning A First Nations Workshop For Parents: To assist facilitators in planning and presenting a First Nations workshop for parents and caregivers of young children. 

Elders in Schools Territorial Pilot 2013-14 A Guide for District Education Authorities and Divisional Education Councils in the Northwest Territories (Handbook)

State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada: A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH): national Aboriginal organization established by Government of Canada, funded through Public Health Agency of Canada to support First Nations, Inuit, Metis public health renewal and health equity.

Best Start – Health Nexus: Indigenous information, videos and downloadable parent resources in a variety of Indigenous languages.

Placed Based Learning in Aboriginal Communities (video)

Deborah Sparrow – Blanket making as a mathematics and science practice and pedagogy (video)

Respectful Approaches

Powwow Etiquette

Recognizing differences in values, attitudes, behaviours and educational considerations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

First Nations Protocols

Building Bridges with Anishnawbe Grandfather Teachings

Grandfather Teachings

Traditional Teachings Booklet: This handbook is a quick reference to a small portion of traditional teachings. It is not a representation of all nations or beliefs. Often, there is no one single answer to a question regarding the traditions.

Building Bridges with Aboriginal Communities (video) Gayle Bedard and Colleen Hannah share their perspectives on how schools can respectfully build bridges with Aboriginal communities in support of student achievement. (from Surrey B.C.)

KGH Connect News: New Indigenous all nations healing room at KGH

Traditional Openings and Acknowledgements

CAUT Guide to Acknowledging Traditional Territory



Come Walk in My Moccasins is a free monthly e-newsletter to help both parents and professionals better understand, appreciate and include First Nations, Métis and Inuit stories, teachings, language and related activities in children’s daily experiences.

Come Walk in My Moccasins is created with the guidance of Elders and Knowledge Keepers and by the Indigenous Family Literacy Circle – a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers who work with families with young children.

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