KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children and Youth Services Planning Committee


The Gift We all Carry

From Paul Carl

For a long time now we think of gifts as something we give or get given to us.

I see gifts as something we carry for someone else.

And we will give that gift to the right person to carry when it is time for them to carry that gift

Gifts do not need to be a physical object or a store bought item

The gifts in each one of us is different and is carried as each person you meet each day

A gift can be a smile, a story you share or a hug you give to a friend or even stranger

A gift can be the sparkle in a child’s eye when they look at their mother

A gift can be the teaching that has been shared since time began

A gift can be the thanks you give to one of our relations on Mother Earth

A gift can be the painting done by a little girl for her friend, or a beaded bag made by a grandmother for her grandchild

What I am saying is a gift is whatever we give, not what we think it should be

Don’t judge your gift by its size or monetary value

For when you pass that gift on it is not yours to judge but the person whom carries that gift to find the right time and place to pass that gift on they now carry



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