KINGSTON, FRONTENAC, LENNOX & ADDINGTON Children, Youth & Family Services Collaborative


Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Rural Transportation Initiative

Lack of transportation is one of the main obstacles for rural children, youth and families to accessing services, attending social events, participating in sports and leisure activities and to feeling a sense of inclusion in their community.

The Goals of this Project are to:

  • Review what is currently available to rural residents of KFL&A who require transportation services
  • Identify gaps in service
  • Identify needs and wants in the community
  • Identify and consider opportunities to increase access and expand services
  • Make recommendations to decision-makers and the community on how to increase access and participation across the region.

The Project began in December 2019 and will conclude in June 2020 with a Community Dialogue and Workshop on June 12th in Central Frontenac.  Watch this space for more details and to register for the Community Event.

Have your say, give your opinions, share your ideas, tell your stories!

We are interested in hearing from anyone who lives or accesses services in rural KFL&A.

  • what are your experiences, your stories (good and bad)
  • what ideas do you have
  • any information you would like to share that you think might help us improve rural transportation

Please email your ideas, opinions, stories to 


  • This project is the result of 5 years of community dialogues, where rural transportation was identified as an issue at every event
  • At a workshop in November 2018, with a combination of CYSPC members and community partners (approx. 65 in attendance) the topic was raised again as an issue needing action
  • Social isolation was identified in the Wellesley Report ‘Supports for Success’ as a priority issue for KFL&A
  • Most agencies in KFL&A have a small transportation budget or program. However, when asked, all agencies indicated that their transportation program, in whatever form it took, was not adequate to ensure all their clients can access their services
  • There are no sustained transportation options for rural children, youth and families to access social or sports activities in KFL&A
  • At present there is very little coordination, or sharing of resources, between transportation programs
  • Organizing a volunteer to drive one client to an appointment, wait and then drive them home is not the most efficient use of transportation resources, a coordinated service could provide more rides to more people
  • This project will take a systemic view of rural transportation by supporting a dialogue among agencies to see how transportation services can be coordinated so that more children, youth and families can not only access the services they need, but also participate in community activities
  • The results of the project will be a county-wide mobilization of effort to coordinate and expand rural transportation options for children, youth and families, by discovering new and better ways to utilize existing resources and embed these discoveries into the regular business practices of agencies across the region

Policy & Management Resources

Contains policy templates and examples and management resources.


Inclusion & Diversity Resources

A list of tools and resources to promote inclusion and diversity


Indigenous Training Library

This Guide was developed as a quick access resource for staff who have an interest in First Nation, Metis and Inuit history and/or are serving clients who identify with these cultures.


Aboriginal Resource Guide

Listings of Indigenous services, community-based groups and events.


Community News & Events

Community Kitchen Poster- February 2024

Community Kitchen Poster- February 2024